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                                 Person Who Has Been Most Influential in My Life


             Motherhood is the highest gift from God. Of course, there are different circumstances such as money issues, marriage status, health condition and much more which influence a woman’s decision to have a baby or not. In spite of the fact where she is living, in a town or a small village, poor or rich, religious or not, a woman likes to have a baby in general. This baby can change your life completely in many ways. I know it, because it happened with me. My daughter’s name is Catreen; she is the one that influences my life the most. I became more understandable, careful, and a better housewife.

            I am a married woman and subconsciously I planned to have a baby in the future. However, when I saw my friend’s children it was very complicated for me. I liked small children, but when they started to cry, it irritated me a lot. Sometimes I thought that motherhood was not for me and I was a different kind of women. My friends told me that I had this feeling because I didn’t have my own children. Now, I completely agree with my friends and I have changed my mind absolutely.

            The year 2000 was  very happy for me because I won a green card and came to the U.S.A. Living in America was my dream. In my country I finished college but I couldn’t find any jobs. I lived a poor and unsuccessful life. That is why I wanted to emigrate to the U.S.A. because it is a country with opportunites. So, I started my life in this beautiful country. However, I lacked English and didn’t have an opportunity to find a job; that is why the beginning of my life in this country was not easy for me.         

When I had lived three months in the U.S.A., I became pregnant and pregnancy didn’t make my husband and me happy. We lived in one bedroom with my aunt and her son, and didn’t have money to rent an apartment. We were afraid to have a baby in our circumstances. However, we decided to save our baby even though we were not ready for that step. My husband and I worked very hard. Working for me was very difficult because I had toxicosis and I felt very weak. So, I stopped work and my husband worked alone. It was difficult for us because we needed a lot of money for our baby. However, America is the best country; I gave birth to my daughter absolutely for free and it was very helpful for my family. 

            My daughter was born on March 22, 2001 and it was the happiest day in my life. After the first look, I will never forget that face, and I could find her face in all the faces in the world. I can’t even explain my feeling but it was amazing and breathtaking. When I looked at my daughter, I was sure that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was crying, but her cry didn’t make me irritated at all. I was happy to listen to this nice voice. At that time I understood that to be a mother is the biggest pleasure in my life.

            Before, my life was monotonous and careless, but my daughter changed my life completely. I had lived a very simple life because I worried only about myself. I slept as much as I liked and I never cooked; I didn’t know how to take care and worry about others.

            When my daughter appeared in my life, it was very difficult for me. I had nobody that could help and teach me how to take care of a baby. I didn’t sleep the whole time because my daughter had a stomach problem. So, I was tired, but when I saw Catreen’s smile, my weariness disappeared immediately. At that time my life was filled with many emotions and feelings. I became more patient because I enjoyed the time that I spent with my daughter. I knew that I was important and that she needed me. I changed my mind about life and I was always happy because Catreen was present in my life.

 Time was running by very fast and step-by-step we learned each other and we couldn’t separate from each other. My daughter became a part of me, and caring for her was my favorite job that brought me enjoyment.

             With caring for my daughter, I became a good housewife. Now, I understand why my mother wanted me to eat in time and eat healthy food. I learned how to cook.  Every two days I cooked soup for my daughter and when she didn’t eat, it made me very upset because I was worried about her nutrition. When my mother visited me last year, she was very surprised about my ability in the kitchen. I cooked a very nice dinner and my mother was happy because I had changed my opinion about preparing meals. At that time I knew exactly that we must eat healthy food.

            Now, my daughter is almost four years old, and I understand that I can’t stay at home with her. I understand that I have to be an educated mom and give her a good education too. I realized that without English I couldn’t read any books to my daughter and even visit a doctor. However, studying is not easy for me because I have my “princess” and I must give her more attention. But I know that what I am doing is not just for me; I am doing it for a better future for my daughter. In the future I can help her with homework. She will go to a good college to get an education and I can help her afford this college because I will make good money.

            I think that I am a blessed person because I realize myself as a woman even though I have a lot of jobs in my life. Almost every woman can give life to a baby but not every one can give a good education to her child. It is a very big and difficult job. People say, a mother is not the one who gives birth to a baby; the mother is the one who educates her child as a good person. So, I hope I will be the best mother for my Catreen because she is the sense of my life. She changes my life in a very nice way and I am happy because I know that I am important and that she needs me.