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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I might talk about how old I am, what I look like, and what I do for a living. (I'll try to be truthful!)

My name is Svetlana Petriv. I came from Ivano-Frankovsk,Ukraine about five years ago. I am married, and I have daughrer. In spite of the fact that I finished college in my country, I continue to study in the U.S.A. When I was younger, I didn't like to study but now I like to because I know that it will make my future. I am a very active person, and I always must  do something that is why I never have depresion. Every morning I do exercises and I fill myself with good feelings. Also I like to walk and enjoy a nice weather. My favorite color is blue and I am a resilient person. 

Svetlana Petriv

Dr. Kasper


Essay # 1

Draft # 3


                                 Person Who Has Been Most Influential in My Life


             Motherhood is the highest gift from God. Of course, there are different circumstances such as money issues, marriage status, health condition and much more which influence a woman’s decision to have a baby or not. In spite of the fact where she is living, in a town or a small village, poor or rich, religious or not, a woman likes to have a baby in general. This baby can change your life completely in many ways. I know it, because it happened with me. My daughter’s name is Catreen; she is the one that influences my life the most. I became more understandable, careful, and a better housewife.

            I am a married woman and subconsciously I planned to have a baby in the future. However, when I saw my friend’s children it was very complicated for me. I liked small children, but when they started to cry, it irritated me a lot. Sometimes I thought that motherhood was not for me and I was a different kind of women. My friends told me that I had this feeling because I didn’t have my own children. Now, I completely agree with my friends and I have changed my mind absolutely.

            The year 2000 was  very happy for me because I won a green card and came to the U.S.A. Living in America was my dream. In my country I finished college but I couldn’t find any jobs. I lived a poor and unsuccessful life. That is why I wanted to emigrate to the U.S.A. because it is a country with opportunites. So, I started my life in this beautiful country. However, I lacked English and didn’t have an opportunity to find a job; that is why the beginning of my life in this country was not easy for me.         

When I had lived three months in the U.S.A., I became pregnant and pregnancy didn’t make my husband and me happy. We lived in one bedroom with my aunt and her son, and didn’t have money to rent an apartment. We were afraid to have a baby in our circumstances. However, we decided to save our baby even though we were not ready for that step. My husband and I worked very hard. Working for me was very difficult because I had toxicosis and I felt very weak. So, I stopped work and my husband worked alone. It was difficult for us because we needed a lot of money for our baby. However, America is the best country; I gave birth to my daughter absolutely for free and it was very helpful for my family. 

            My daughter was born on March 22, 2001 and it was the happiest day in my life. After the first look, I will never forget that face, and I could find her face in all the faces in the world. I can’t even explain my feeling but it was amazing and breathtaking. When I looked at my daughter, I was sure that she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She was crying, but her cry didn’t make me irritated at all. I was happy to listen to this nice voice. At that time I understood that to be a mother is the biggest pleasure in my life.

            Before, my life was monotonous and careless, but my daughter changed my life completely. I had lived a very simple life because I worried only about myself. I slept as much as I liked and I never cooked; I didn’t know how to take care and worry about others.

            When my daughter appeared in my life, it was very difficult for me. I had nobody that could help and teach me how to take care of a baby. I didn’t sleep the whole time because my daughter had a stomach problem. So, I was tired, but when I saw Catreen’s smile, my weariness disappeared immediately. At that time my life was filled with many emotions and feelings. I became more patient because I enjoyed the time that I spent with my daughter. I knew that I was important and that she needed me. I changed my mind about life and I was always happy because Catreen was present in my life.

 Time was running by very fast and step-by-step we learned each other and we couldn’t separate from each other. My daughter became a part of me, and caring for her was my favorite job that brought me enjoyment.

             With caring for my daughter, I became a good housewife. Now, I understand why my mother wanted me to eat in time and eat healthy food. I learned how to cook.  Every two days I cooked soup for my daughter and when she didn’t eat, it made me very upset because I was worried about her nutrition. When my mother visited me last year, she was very surprised about my ability in the kitchen. I cooked a very nice dinner and my mother was happy because I had changed my opinion about preparing meals. At that time I knew exactly that we must eat healthy food.

            Now, my daughter is almost four years old, and I understand that I can’t stay at home with her. I understand that I have to be an educated mom and give her a good education too. I realized that without English I couldn’t read any books to my daughter and even visit a doctor. However, studying is not easy for me because I have my “princess” and I must give her more attention. But I know that what I am doing is not just for me; I am doing it for a better future for my daughter. In the future I can help her with homework. She will go to a good college to get an education and I can help her afford this college because I will make good money.

            I think that I am a blessed person because I realize myself as a woman even though I have a lot of jobs in my life. Almost every woman can give life to a baby but not every one can give a good education to her child. It is a very big and difficult job. People say, a mother is not the one who gives birth to a baby; the mother is the one who educates her child as a good person. So, I hope I will be the best mother for my Catreen because she is the sense of my life. She changes my life in a very nice way and I am happy because I know that I am important and that she needs me.                            




Svetlana Petriv

ESL 91

Dr. Kasper


Essay # 4

Draft # 3




Dear Genie’s mother,

I have read the article, and saw a movie about your daughter. From the movie I know that your daughter, Genie was isolated in the small room from her environment for about twelve years. Your husband abused your daughter and you were helpless because you were terrified of your husband and you were too blind to help your daughter. I understand that you were helpless because of your disability, but you could walk and talk and that was enough to help your daughter. I am confused, and don’t understand you like a mother who carried the baby for nine months, gave birth to her but after that didn’t even try to help her.

From the movie and article you say that you loved Genie, but I try to see some way your love shows that and I can’t find it. Today you say that you love her but where were you that whole time when Genie needed you? Yes, you are blind and afraid of your husband. However, as I know your husband worked, you were repeatedly alone at home, and you even didn’t try to help your daughter. At least you had a couple of chances to be with Genie and help her. I strongly believe that you could have tried to change something.

First of all, you live in the U.S and it is a free county with many possibilities and power. So, you could have called the police or emergency. Even though you didn’t have a phone you could have gone outside and asked your neighbor for help. It is possible because where you lived there were normal people and not animals around you. So, some of them could have helped you in those situations.

Second, you could at least socialize through the door with Genie. When your husband left home you could have had conversations with Genie, read books to her, and told her nice words and all that would be very helpful for her. As I know from the story Genie only knew two words “stupid” and “ no more”, because that is what her father socialized with her but you didn’t even try. You didn’t try because for you it was convenient to not have any responsibility toward your children.

Third, as I know Genie was closed for about twelve years and during that time many people visited your house. It could have been anyone, the doctor, friends, and relatives, and you could have asked them for help. Not just for your children but help for your husband because he was a very sick person and he needed help. However, you were a mentally healthy person and could have helped all your family.  

People say, a mother is not the one who gives birth to a baby; the mother is the one who raises her child healthy and educated as a good person. From these words I see that you are just a biological mother because you only gave birth to Genie but you didn’t give her a worthy life and I know why. Unfortunately, in our life there are silly women that don’t have a mind of their own, don’t have their own opinion and they can’t even think by themselves. Those kinds of woman follow their men and always agree with them because he is a “man”. So, those women can even betray their kids because of the man, and you pretend to be that kind of woman and I feel sorry for you.

I don’t know what would happen with my husband if he were to do that kind of thing with my daughter. I am not killer; I am a normal woman but my mother’s feelings are very strong and a mother can do a lot because of her child. So, I am sure that my daughter will be free a couple minutes after she is locked up, and I would be able to get her with any help at all. It is true, because a mother’s love is a very strong and powerful feeling and no one can explain. That is why I am sure that you didn’t love any of your kids and you can’t be named a mother. Okay, what happened with your other children? The first child died of pneumonia, that girl stayed in the garage because your husband couldn’t stand the baby’s crying. The second child died two days after birth, allegedly from choking on it’s own mucus. The third child was rescued and was taken away by his grandmother. Genie had no luck just because she lived a long time in hell. And you are guilty of Genie’s torments.

I know that you are against the people who worked with Genie when she was found. You say that these people exploited her but I also don’t agree with you. I am not agreeing with you. For example, Susan Curtiss, Genie’s teacher, is one of the people who did a lot for Genie. Susan Curtiss made your daughter’s life more interesting and bright. With her, Genie learned how to be upset and happy, and I saw that Genie could even laugh. Of course she used Genie for her job but she did that not just for her, she did that for our knowledge as well. So, I think that you must thank that woman because she did her job.

I am sorry for my strong letter, but it is my feeling and my opinion. Thank you for your patience and attention. I think you will agree with me that you are not the best mother and please realize that your actions were wrong.



Svetlana Petriv.










Svetlana Petriv



Essay # 2

Draft # 3


Why is it Important to Understand the Basic Principles of Diet and     Nutrition? How Does this Understanding Help Us in Our Everyday Lives?


            Hypocrites said that health is the greatest human blessing. One of the steps to be healthy is to understand our nutrition. Nutrition is the study of food, and food is very important to our body. There is a very strong relationship between what we eat and how we feel and look. Thus, we must eat healthy and choose among a diversity of foods, which contain the best nutrients for our body. We are probably already familiar with the terms carbohydrates, fat, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water. They all are very important to maintain our health. We must intake all of them, but we must intake them in balance.

            Water is the one of the most important nutrients because our life originated in water; 60% of our body is water. Water helps maintain our body temperature and transports nutrients around the body. In spite of the fact that water provides no calories, no vitamins, and not many minerals, we can’t find a nutrient that is more crucial. For example, skin becomes very dry if we do not take enough water. So, our skin begins senescence because of the lack of water. To maintain our body in good condition we have to drink seven glasses of water per day. A long time ago specialists found out that a human can survive without food for seven days, but without water a human can only survive for three days. So, people who starve themselves don’t eat but they drink a lot of water to stay alive and to reach their goal.

            The second nutrient, which helps us maintain in good health, is proteins. The general function of proteins is to make body tissue and to synthesize enzymes. We can intake complete and incomplete grain proteins. Complete proteins come from animal sources, for example dairy products, beef, poultry, and fish. Grain proteins are pod-forming plants like beans and peanuts, they are high quality, but grain proteins don’t have all the essential amino acids and that is why they are described as incomplete proteins. So, people who are vegetarian must eat in a very proper way because not knowing about nutrition can be very dangerous for them. Nutrition science can give information about how to be vegetarian and be healthy. For example, by mixing rise with beans a vegetarian can get complete proteins.

            The third nutrient that is important for our health is carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy. There are two kinds of carbohydrates. One of them is starch, which is found mainly in grains and legumes. Another is sugar, which is found in plants and fruits. We have less beneficial and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are unrefined grains, vegetables and fruit, which useful for us. Less beneficial carbohydrates are foods that are made from refined sugar, which are high in calories but are not healthy. Nutritionists recommend eating dietary fiber very often because it is beneficial for our body. Also an increase of fresh vegetable intake is one way to fight many chronic diseases because our digestive system works properly, and a lot of toxins eliminated from our body. However carbohydrates such as french fries are not healthy and even dangerous for our body because they are starch. Starch together with oil makes our body grow fat because it is not eliminated from our body as fast as fresh vegetables.   

            The fourth nutrient, which maintains good health, is vitamins. Vitamins are essential nutrients, and they are necessary in small amounts for human health. The vitamins are separated into two categories: the fat-soluble vitamins and the water-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble are common in watery foods such as fruits; they are vitamin C and B complex. Fat-soluble vitamins are more abundant in fatty or oily foods such as meat or seeds; they are vitamins A, D, E, and K. All of those vitamins are very important to us, but we must intake them in the proper way. For example, when we intake the correct amount of vitamins, we will have a lot of energy and we will stay healthy. However, when we overtake them, it will be not healthy and some vitamins are toxic.

            The fifth very important nutrient to our health is fat. Fat produces more than twice the amount of energy than other nutrients, and gives our body vitamins A, D, and E, which are needed for healthy skin and optimal growth. Because our body can’t produce fat, we need to intake it with food. A good source of fat is many plants and animal foods. We have two different kinds of fats. Fats in food like butter, margarine, corn and canola oil are mainly in triglyceride. So, that fat comes in our body in trigliceride form. In fact most of the fats that American people eat are triglycerides. These can cause heart disease and even cancer. However, we can avoid that problem. For example, instead of canola oil we can intake olive oil because olive oil contains no cholesterol and is recommended from doctors throughout the world. Of course, canola oils are much cheaper than olive oil but olive oil can be eliminated from our body and keep us healthy. That is why knowledge about nutrition is very important for us.

            As we see each nutrient is very important and we must intake every one of them to be healthy. However, we must analyze our nutrition very carefully. This means that we must eat healthy food and the proper amount of it.

            I saw a movie called Supper Size Me where a person decided to do an experiment. He ate MacDonald’s for breakfast, lunch and diner for thirty days. He had a lot of chest pain and hard time breathing. On the last day, he went to the doctor. His doctor told him that his liver had turned to fat, and the risk of heart diseased had doubled. So, this man had very poor nutrition during the experiment; he became sick and he showed us that our food must be kept in balance.      

            As we see, nutrition gives us the basic knowledge about food. Thus, we have our own choice of which nutrients we eat and the amount we eat. Among the classes of carbohydrates we should prefer green salad; among the class of proteins, fish and among the class of lipids, olive oil. If we follow the basic nutrition knowledge, we can start to understand that we eat to live, but not live to eat.                                                        








Svetlana Petriv

Dr. Kasper


Essay # 3

Draft # 3



Dear Dr. Singer,


I have read your interview about global warming. You say that global warming is a natural phenomenon, and climate keeps changing all the time and humans are not responsible for global warming. I agree with you that climate change is a natural phenomenon but I am sure that humans are responsible for accelerating climate change.

In your interview you say, “So there’s clear indication that human beings, in producing energy, in just living, generate heat. We’re not going to go back to living without energy”. Yes, we live in an industrial time and we can’t image our life without a TV, computer, a washing machine, refrigerator, car and many other things. To have everything we must build factories, which produce necessary things for our life. Together with improving our life the industrial pollutants destroy our environment. However, we can prevent the pollution of our environment if we don’t think only just making more money and think about our future and future our kids and grandkids. I can give you some examples how people pollute the environment and how they can save our nature. 

First, electric power is the largest industrial source of pollutants that cause acid rain, mercury poisoning in lakes and rivers, and global warming. To fight pollution NRDC aggressively promotes the use of renewable energy sources like wind and the sun.  That energy is does not poison our environment and our health but it is also more convenient because sun and wind’s energy are cheaper than nuclear energy. I am from Ukraine and the whole world knows about the huge Chornoble catastrophe. That catastrophe brings many troubles. Chornoble tragedy cost economic, nutritional, sociological and psychological issues. Now, Chornoble is a death zone, because of people’s neglect and that neglect gives a notice to many generations. That is why we must be very careful and makes our progress and lives not just in today but think about tomorrow as well and after tomorrow.

Second, human’s cars, trucks and buses account for 20 percent of global warming pollution as well as soot and smog that damages human lungs. For example, almost every one in the U.S. has a car, but not every one person uses good oil, which doesn’t damage our environment. I understand that good oil is not cheep, but we must think about the day after tomorrow. NRDC is pushing the government to build better cars, cars that burn less gas, cost less to operate and drastically cut down on pollution. Also not only the government can help us prevent off global warming, but people can give deposit for example, people can walk and bike to work instead of using a car, if possible.

Third, the sewers over flows and runoff from farms and city streets, that threat the life-sustaining properties of our waters, endanger human health and wild life. So, that is the result in thousands of beach closings each year. NRDC works to continue reductions in industrial water pollution while pressing for effective pollution controls on agriculture, logging and other sources. Also this organization develops and promotes strong federal laws and regulations to address polluted runoff, raw sewage discharges, and factory farm wastes and they sue polluters when they violate clean water.

 However, not only special organizations can help us have clean water, people can have a big influence for it. I live next to the ocean and I always come to the beach and I notice that every two or three steps there is a garbage bin but after end of the day garbage is everywhere and it happiness every day. As we see people don’t think about nature and they don’t even think about their comfort. If every one puts garbage in a bin and not on the beach, our city will be nice and clean and it will be big influence for our comfort and the saving of our environment.

Lately, I saw a movie “Day After Tomorrow”. That movie shows what can happen with humans if they don’t pay attention and don’t think about their future. The government in the movie was sure that global warming was not dangerous for humans but they were wrong. As a result humans survive a huge catastrophe, New York disappeared and a lot of people death because of a flood and a big frost. However, after the catastrophe Government changed its mind and they were sure that humans had a big influence on global warming. So, we don’t have to survive a catastrophe in order to pay attention to our nature. The environment is our mother and we must take care of her. If every person does something for example planting a three, drive a car with good oil, put garbage in a bin, and use electricity rationally. Thus, we can a lot to save our environment.

Thank you, for your attention and patience. I think you understand my point of view and you will agree with me, because we must think about global warming today and do somethink today because tomorrow can be late. Our nature is like a person who violation for a long time, and that person will start to retaliate and it will be very terrible.